Documenting historical cultural Developments in Negombo

The aim of this work is understanding of social history of Negombo because it is a key area for the social development.

Negombo is a unique city for many reasons. It is the city of most catholic devotees are, it is the city which given birth to the Sri Lankan Theater and Cinema. In line with these developments, it is very vital to develop a web site and digitalizing all the historical developments.

The idea of Documentation of art and cultural development is a special work we try to develop as  a strategy of our future involvements as alternative media group in the area.

As part of this the community is  to collect historical information for documentation..

Through this work we are to empower the participants to this program uplifting their skills and knowledge.


  • To safeguard the heritage (both built and natural)
  • To provide information about Negombo art and social developments
  • To develop the capacity of data collectors on historical developments in Negombo area


  • Participatory Approach
  • Review of secondary data (Books, Magazines, News Paper articles, reports manuscripts) interviews and collection of data by visiting the areas and collection of case

Last Update: 29-07-2015

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